About CDF Pakistan

Executive Director

Abdul Hameed Arain


CDF-Pakistan envisions a “poverty-free, empowered & democratic society in Pakistan which is guided by the values of equity, accountability, inclusion and respect


Community Development Foundation Pakistan Mission is to work for the development & empowerment of socio-economically disadvantaged & vulnerable people in Pakistan and assist them in addressing their poverty-linked issues.


1. Disaster Risk Reduction, Provide Timely Relief Assistance to Disaster Affected Communities and Assist them for their Timely Rehabilitation and Early Recovery
2. Promotion of Livelihoods and Explore Sustainable & Disaster Resilient
3. Promotion of Education with Special Focus on Girls’ Education
4. Promotion of Gender Equality & Women Empowerment,Address Gender Based Violence Issues
5. Provision of Accessible and clean drinking water & quality Sanitation Facilities and Improvement of Community Physical Infrastructure
6. Promotion of Child Protection, Rights of Children & Youth Development and Address the Issues related to Abuse and marginalization of Children, Adolescents and Youth
7. Promote Environment Protection and Address Climate Change Issues
8. Promote Basic Health Facilities and Address HIV & AIDS
9. Support Development of Civil Society and Institutional Development